Mug, Southwest Mimbres style

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A thousand years ago the people living in the Mimbres Valley in what is now southwestern New Mexico decorated the inside of their pottery bowls with pictures of virtually every animal they observed – rabbits, mountain goats, bears, insects, birds, and fish, as well as humans. The designs on this mug recreate those of ancient Mimbrenos.


Treasure Chest Mugs are a family owned business, started by the current owner's Mom and Step Dad (Maretha and Oscar Branson) close to 17 years ago. They were inspired by the history of the Native American Cliff Dweller and Mimbres Indians, and their beautiful Southwest design black and white stoneware coffee mugs with Native American-influenced patterns are taken from the Cliff Dweller and Mimbres tribes’ designs and carvings.
The Cliff dweller mugs feature black and white geometric patterns inspired by the cliff dwelling Native Americans of old. The Mimbres mugs features animals in the style of Native American fetish (good luck) animals.


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