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Alden's Mill House was established in 1984, by Chef Geno & his wife.  It is still run by the same family today.  If you ever find yourself near Alden, Michigan, you must add a stop at the Mill House to your list!  The magic begins in the extensive beautiful gardens, and never ends.

Melinda grew up going to the Mill House, just minutes from her home, with her mom.  (One of her school bus drivers used to work there)  It is a fabulous place to find gourmet custom spice & seasoning blends, amazing kitchen items, and so much more.  Whenever we are in Michigan, we go to the Mill House and stock up.  It's also where we buy all of our pet sitter gifts!  ;-)

When we discovered we could bring these seasoning blends back for you...we didn't hesitate for a minute!  We now stock our absolute Mill House favorites at the Jackalope.  We'll let them speak for themselves (all descriptions from Alden's Mill House)

Miracle Blend:  Custom blended seasoning you use in place of salt created by the famous culinary Chef Geno. With our high quality products, use sparingly to start–you can always add more. Fantastic on everything, meats, soups, vegetables, salads. Brings out an amazing flavor! Exceptional flavor for any good cook and appreciated by all.

Big Dave's Burger & Steak Rub:  A light blend of smoked seasoning salt to create a grilled flavor inside or out. Rub on both sides of steak and let stand at least 1 hour, then cook as desired. Mix in with your hamburger and cook as desired for a fresh off the grill flavor. Most smoke seasonings are over powering, but not this one.

Char Broil-It:  (this one is a staple in the Redd house!)  The greatest char flavor on the grill or in the house. Great on beef, chicken, pork, potatoes, and salmon. The longer it sits, the better the flavor.

Hickory Crisp:  (this one rivals Char Broil It for the top position!)  A smokey mountain seasoning, you can sprinkle or rub (before cooking) on steaks, ribs, chops, burgers, fish, poultry, wild game, or add to sauces. It also gives a new meaning to your potatoes.

Our Own Cinnamon & Sugar Blend:  A one of a kind blend of cinnamon, white sugar, and nutmeg. Great on toast, apples, french toast and pancakes.

Malabar Island Peppercorns:  (I don't think there has been a pepper in our house besides this one)  A combination of two of the worlds best peppers! They are grown in the Malabar region of India, and we combine them to give you the “perfect pepper”. You’ll love it!

Italian Herb Seasoning:  An aromatic Italian blend to give you a rich Italian accent in your sauces, soups, pizza and meats. Make a bread dip by adding a little salt and balsamic vinegar.

Pork & Poultry Seasoning:  This rub was created with a special blend of spices, herbs and kosher salt for pork, turkey and chicken. It is best when meat is rubbed with seasoning and placed in refrigerator for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight. The unique blend naturally flavors and tenderizes the meat. Turkey, sprinkle in the cavity and rub on the outside then refrigerate. You can rub the outside while its thawing. You can put rub on before you freeze your meat so that it marinades as it thaws!!! This product is also great on cottage cheese, fried potatoes, fish and other foods.

Taco Seasoning:  Makes mouthwatering, spicy tacos! Not your average taco seasoning, lots of flavor with little effort!

Bob's Hot Pepper Blend:  A special pepper blend for the hot pepper lover. All the peppers you need to create the hot pepper flavor you have been looking for.  Try on corn on the cob! Wrap in tin foil with butter, sprinkle blend on it and put on the grill!

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